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Inge Löök’s old women
Inge Löök (true name Ingeborg Lievonen) is a Finnish performer birthed in Helsinki in 1951. She was as soon as a qualified garden enthusiast, but today she is actually most widely known for her Gran mails which so many postcrossers enjoy and also gather.
When she was actually a youngster, Inge put up with her loved ones in a 7-storey building in Helsinki. In the exact same property lived 2 much older girls, Alli as well as Fifi, which later became the creativity for the heros in her postcards. She mentions the females appear virtually the like their real-life versions … yet they possess a whole lot additional enjoyable!
Inge’s look on daily life is one of optimism as well as happiness, as well as this reveals on the pictures she attracts. The grannies are constantly happy and enjoying, and their motto is “Time is certainly not funds and investing this really isn’t a sin”.

She has actually attracted over 300 postcards on various issues, and possesses additionally illustrated several stamps and also kids’s publications. Today she resides in Pernå, a community eastern of Helsinki.

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