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Tree of life silver ring (IVR5501)


Brand: Ivy-Art, Material: 925 silver,
Bandwidth: 18 mm (approx.)
Tree of life silver ring come in a gift box.
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Tree of life silver ring.

The energy of the source of the Tree of Life (world tree) represents the centre of the universe and the 4 axes (wind directions) around which everything evolves. Man as a spiritual being also has a centre, the centre of your heart (yax’kin) corresponds to the core of your inner world tree. The tree is in the first instance a perfect symbol for life itself. With his roots in the earth, he has contact with the underworld. With his branches, he reaches to heaven. He is a mediator between gods and people. Furthermore, the tree of life symbolizes eternal life: springing up in spring, lush growth in summer, fruit and fall in autumn and peace in winter. The circle is round year after year. We find the tree of life as an ornament in windows of farms, especially in windows above the front door. He would ward off evil spirits there.

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