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Who is Nuala-Art.nl

Nuala-Art.nl is a registered company in internet sales, and operating since 2008 as a mail order business in jewelry, candles, cards and gifts. Originally, the company was spun off from Ivy Art wholesaler founded in 1994 by Judith Spijkerman and Tsafi Nelken. They are the exclusive distributors for St. Justin in Holland, Belgium and Germany. St. Justin artisan jewelry is manufactured in Cornwall, England. No production in Asia. Nuala-Art does not want to participate to the low wages and poor working conditions there. All our products are produced in Europe (including Finland, Spain and the Netherlands). With this philosophy we hope to contribute to the European economic recovery.

Visiting hours

You can call us at:
Monday / Friday: 10: 00-17: 00.
Ofcourse you can visit our website 24 hours a day!


Sint Gerardusstraat 7A
6034SH Nederweert-Eind
+31 0495-631774

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Privacy Policy

When you send us data or contact us in any way, we will document your data and the reason for contacting us. We will use the data for the purpose with which you have entrusted us with them (for example for execute the promotion that you request from us, or in which you partake) and the evaluation of which.

When you visit this website we gather information such as the address of the computer from which the pages are being viewed, the used browser (type) and version, the pages that have been viewed, the relationships amongst those and the date and time of the visit.

If you signified us you want to be kept informed about our products and services we can use the data that you have given us (together with other data that we have already gathered, or that we will gather in the future), to send you information and / or promotions concerning the products we think might be of interest to you. The data will be used to coordinate as good as possible with the wishes and needs of the users of our website(s).

Dataregistration takes place in accordance with the law protecting personal data (P-0015554).

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